5 Mar

Let’s face it

Not everyone can indulge in the skincare routines of celebrities. So we asked Richmond-based facialist, Cherry Woods, to tell us how often we really should have facials and how to get the most from them when we do.

We often forget that the skin is our largest organ. Every day, it’s exposed to free radicals, UV rays, pollution, harsh weather, chemicals and of course stress: so we put it through an awful lot. Facials can improve the condition, function and appearance of your skin, with the added benefit of being a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

How often you should have a facial can vary depending on skin-type and condition. I would usually suggest having a facial once a month. However if you suffer from breakouts or are heavily congested it might be an idea to have an intensive peel or have a mini steam clean in between your monthly facials to ‘break the back’ of the problem.

If you have problematic skin, a regular facial can also help restore balance and prevent breakouts. If you are concerned with ageing, a regular facial can also increase cell turnover and coax the skin in to performing and regenerating at a higher or faster rate. A good skincare expert will always try to identify and educate you on skin conditions to help give you the best chance of healthy skin.

If you do have skin issues (sun damage, acne scaring, pigmentation etc) then I would possibly recommend a course of treatments closer together, even on a weekly basis, to help kick start efforts to combat problems, returning to once a month facials when the condition has improved. At the other end of the scale, clients with sensitive, reddened or rosacea skin-types should perhaps come every other month to avoid over stimulating the skin and have a home care routine to make up for the less frequent visits.

A good facialist will always tailor every treatment to your individual needs.

My signature Bloom Facials combine high tech equipment, a selection of  ‘cherry-picked’ professional products and holistic massage, but every facial is totally unique. I like to have a 30 minute consultation with each new client before the treatment begins, to help me understand their requirements and allow me to best support them.

Treatment trends 

Forget the X Factor, in 2016 it’s all about the growth factor when it comes to skincare. Companies will be using a variation of low PH, low % home peels and masks which through repetitive use will stimulate growth within your skin. This goes on to stimulate your collagen production and hey presto, three to six months later your skin will be transformed. Though harnessing the skin’s own regeneration mechanisms is not a new idea for in-salon treatments however facialists like myself are now pushing clients to take charge and carry out these treatments at home as well.

Cherry Woods is a luxury facialist and founder of the Cherry Woods Skin Clinic in Richmond. cherrywoodsclinic.com